Calvary Hospital

Calvary Hospital provides excellent facilities and equipment for the treatment of patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery.  Dr van der Rijt works closely with Calvary Hospital as a Medical Specialist and as Chairman of the Operating Theatre Procedures Committee and is also a member of the Medical Advisory Council.

Dr van der Rijt will undertake your operation in a specially designed dedicated joint replacement operating theatre equipped with “Charnley Howarth Laminar Flow” air conditioning system.  This is a state of the art operating room designed to provide a sterile operating environment for hip and knee joint arthroplasty surgery.  A dedicated team of Nursing Sisters and Physiotherapists will assist in your post operative care and rehabilitation.

Dr van der Rijt will personally undertake your operation, supported by a team dedicated to your care.  Dr van der Rijt employs a dedicated operating room, orthopaedic clinical nurse specialist “CNS” who has worked with Dr van der Rijt for over 25 years.  Dr van der Rijt is also supported by an operation assistant.  Dr van der Rijt and his orthopaedic theatre team liaise closely with the orthopaedic implant industry ensuring modern, safe, reliable prosthesis are available for your operation.

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