Post Operative Pain Relief

van der Rijt Orthopaedics consider high quality pain relief essential to enhance patients experience and rehabilitation.  The ability to undertake rehabilitation exercise is a critical part of the rapid recovery rehabilitation program.  High quality pain relief and avoidance of nausea is essential to enable patients to participate in the rapid recovery rehabilitation program. 

In collaboration with anaesthetic colleagues van der Rijt orthopaedics employs the most up to date pain relief, we are currently involved in ongoing research in promoting and extending pain relief for patients.  We cannot say that you will not have pain but on occasions requirements for additional pain relief with injections is minimal.  This is achieved with anaesthesia techniques instituted at the time of your operation and these continue for the subsequent 2-3 days following your operation.

Our objective is to obtain high quality pain relief and avoid nausea.  Early rehabilitation avoids muscle wasting, joint stiffness and it has a direct role in reducing the risks of treatment.

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