Revision Knee Arthroplasty

Fortunately it is rare for revision knee arthroplasty to be required.  If this is necessary it can be successfully completed with modern surgical techniques and knee implants.

Revision surgery may be required because of wear or loosening of knee prosthetic components or because of bone fracture or infection.

Revision knee arthroplasty restores the articulation of the knee.  It is often necessary to support the implant on intramedullary stems placed in the bone marrow canal.  This technique has a successful history.  Supplementary bone graft may be required.  The graft usually consists of donor allograft bone and synthetic bone graft substitutes.  This combination of bone graft material has an established track record for successful use. 

The success of revision knee arthroplasty is based on reproduction of the successful geometry of primary knee arthroplasty surfaces, supported with intramedullary stems and bone graft.

The patient’s rehabilitation may require six weeks of partial weight bearing and it would require exercise to restore muscle strength and knee range of motion.

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