Osteoarthritis Knee

Osteoarthritis is a condition affecting the articular cartilage lining the knee surface.  The articular cartilage gradually disintegrates, gradually wears away so that the underlying bones rub together.

Osteoarthritis usually commences in one compartment of the knee (most frequently the medial compartment). 

Osteoarthritis tends to gradually progress in the most affected compartment and then gradually spread to the other compartments.  As the condition progresses the underlying bone is exposed to more work, the bone gradually weakens and stress fractures and cysts tend to occur, progressively leading to bone collapse which is associated with increasing pain, swelling and deformity.  The other compartments of the knee are sequentially involved. 

The options for management of the condition depend upon the extent of the patient’s symptoms and the stage of progression of the osteoarthritis.  

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