Mid stem arthroplasty/neck conserving stems

This technology has been recently introduced to address the management of younger patients suffering the disabling effects of osteoarthritis of the hip where the disease has progressed to a degree that they are not suitable for hip resurfacing.  Patients who have poor bone stock (osteoporosis) of the femoral neck or who have developed femoral head cysts/collapse in association with their hip osteoarthritis are not suitable for hip resurfacing. 

Conventional total hip arthroplasty, femoral components are anchored in the upper 300mm of the bone.  This has proven to be highly effective in older patients but there are reservations about using this technique in younger patients, related to revision surgery. 

Mid stem arthroplasty has been introduced to address the issue of younger patients who are not suitable for hip resurfacing because we are trying to avoid using femoral stems because they are harder to revise when young patients wear them out. 

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