Total Hip Arthroplasty

Total hip arthroplasty remains one of the great surgical advances of modern medicine.  THA is highly beneficial and effective in relieving the severe disabling effects of osteoarthritis of the hip with relief of patient symptoms and restoration of function.  THA is suitable for patients suffering the disabling effects of osteoarthritis of the hip who have not had relief of symptoms from non operative treatments. 

THA is undertaken through a minimally invasive operative approach.  The operation is coupled with highly effective pain relief treatments.  This combination is designed to reduce the post operative pain so that early mobilisation and rapid recovery and rehabilitation are achieved.  This improves the patients experience, reduce the risks of complications and facilitates early recovery and rehabilitation. 

In THA the femoral head is removed and replaced with a spherical ball which is anchored to bone by a stem fixed in the marrow cavity of the upper thigh/femur.  The socket is resurfaced with a hemispherical cup fixed in the pelvic socket.  The articulating surfaces are usually made from ceramic on ceramic or metal on metal. 

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