Actifuse™ is a synthetic bone graft substitute material.  It is a pure phase calcium phosphate ceramic in which a small portion of phosphate irons are selectively replaced with silicate.

Bone grafts are frequently required in orthopaedic surgery.  They are used extensively in the management of bone fractures, bone cysts and in joint replacement surgery. 

The “gold standard” bone graft material is the patient’s own bone which is usually harvested by an additional operative incision from the patient’s pelvis.  This procedure is associated with pain, specific complications and it may delay the patient’s rehabilitation.  There is also a limitation as to how much bone graft material can be harvested from an individual patient. 

Because of the difficulties in obtaining the patient’s own bone there has been a widespread successful introduction of alternative bone graft materials.  These usually consist of ”allograft” bone obtained from organ donors.  This process is rigorously controlled by the Government and Department of Health.  The organ donor and the patient/patients receiving organs are extensively tested to ensure that infections are not present.  Organ donor bone is stored in -300 degrees freezer for six months whilst all additional tests are undertaken to ensure bone is free of infection, before it is released for surgical use.

Incorporation of the allograft into the patient’s host bone has been accelerated with the use of synthetic bone graft material such as Actifuse™.  The patient can be confident about the use of these materials as the process has been subjected to rigorous follow up and ongoing study. 

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