Knee Arthroscopy

Many disorders of the knee can be treated successfully by arthroscopic surgery which is undertaken through two or more small incisions.  The arthroscope (6.5mm) tube with attached camera is inserted through one portal and small instruments are inserted through a second portal.  This allows complex operations to be undertaken within the knee. 

Due to the small incisions and high quality pain relief early rehabilitation is possible.  This surgery can be highly successful in treating many conditions.  The patients pain is minimised and the risk of complications are reduced.  This is associated with accelerated rehabilitation. 

Total Knee Arthroplasty

Total knee arthroplasty remains one of the great surgical advances of modern medicine.  The operation is highly effective in relieving the disabling effects ...

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Medial Repicci Hemiarthroplasty

Uni-compartment knee hemiarthroplasty is an operation designed to restore damaged articular surface whilst preserving bone stock and ligament balance.  It is...

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Revision Knee Arthroplasty

Fortunately it is rare for revision knee arthroplasty to be required.  If this is necessary it can be successfully completed with modern surgical techniques ...

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Osteoarthritis Knee

Osteoarthritis is a condition affecting the articular cartilage lining the knee surface.  The articular cartilage gradually disintegrates, gradually wears aw...

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