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16 Nov 2013

» Associate Professor van der Rijt presents at Southern District Surgical Conference held at Charles Sturt University

Wagga was the centre of medical excellence at the weekend...

1 Oct 2013

» Associate Professor van der Rijt honoured by award

Wagga Orthopaedic Surgeon Associate Professor Adrian van ...

Welcome to van der Rijt Orthopaedics Online

This website provides information about our orthopaedic clinic, the service we provide and it provides an educational service to patients about disorders of the hip and knee joint.  Patients often delay treatment because of fear of pain or complications associated with treatment.  Patients who understand the “natural history” of their hip or knee condition are better advised so they can make informed decisions regarding their treatment.

This website provides information about our rapid recovery rehabilitation program which incorporates physiotherapy-assisted pre and post operative rehabilitation exercise. There is an emphasis on high quality pain relief during and following your surgery, surgery through minimally invasive surgical approaches and employing bone conserving Birmingham hip resurfacing, femoral neck sparing hip stems, bone conserving knee medial compartment Repicci, medial compartment hemiarthroplasty. 

Associate Professor van der Rijt is a specialist hip and knee orthopaedic surgeon.  Our practice mission is “delivering excellence in personalised orthopaedic care”.

Hip Clinic

Birmingham hip resurfacing is a bone conserving operation designed to replace the worn surfaces of an arthritic hip joint.

Knee Clinic

Many disorders of the knee can be treated successfully by arthroscopic surgery which is undertaken through two or more small incisions.


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